School Outreach Program


GetUNSKOOLed is focussed on helping children develop 21st-century skills, by bringing together experts from multiple domains of education to offer the best hands-on learning experience for children to ignite the spark of brilliance in relaxed, vibrant and enjoyable ambience.

The success of a student is defined by the holistic growth. GetUnskooled facilitates real-time exploration for children as part of our outreach program in 3 tracks – Discovery, Strategy and Innovation. In the discovery track children take up 3R – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic through the hands-on way using talking pens and game based learning. In the Strategy track Children will play human chess and learn about thinking ahead alongside visualizing moves and counter moves. In the process they experience the power of working as a team. In the innovation track, children will learn to solve problems using technology. Critical thinking and Creativity will be focussed on during the process of coding the robot. Also, children will be exposed to different kind of robots and interact with them.

By enabling children with the right Communication, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration skills which are the highly essential 21st century skills – We specialize in Making Children Future Ready ! 

For participants of this program, we will be conducting special events for parent and children
Please share your contact details and we will give you a call with all the information.